Wednesday, 2 October 2013

State Of Me

So I recently posted on my FB about stopping my Hemmingway Impression.

For those who don’t know hes an early 20th century writer who tried to drink himself to death.  I wasn’t trying to drink myself to death, but I was experiencing something along those lines.

So this weekend got really weird for a variety of reasons, but eventually a friend said, “I don’t like you when your drinking all the time.”

And I realized that I didn’t much like me when I was drinking all the time.  So I have resolved to stop drinking all the time. 

But lets talk about why I was drinking all the time, I have a variety of different stupid reasons for doing so.  I could talk about how my father went crazy last year, and how that screwed me up.  I could talk about how I think I might have fallen someone who has no idea, and because of that I long ago broke my promise to never be that guy who fell for unrequited love.  I could talk about all the other stuff near and far.  How I like the taste of rum.  I do.  I wont lie about that.  The fact that I grew up as never being one of the guys, and that now I am I like my status, as being somehow cool, and that maybe contributing.  

But heres the real reason I drink.  To make myself stop thinking all the time.  You see I think all the time, about all sorts of stuff.  Life, death, work, writing, being in control, never taking more than calculated risks what have you.  Im always thinking, and much like Sherlock Holmes took morphine to sharpen his mind during the downtimes, I took alcohol so I could deaden myself a little and lose control and not be so responsible all the time. 

Anyways so for the month of October, Im not having anything at all to drink.  Im just going to be sober old me. 

Does that mean that I wont get drunk anymore.  I still plan to get smashed on my birthday, and I certainly be having my fair share of drinking at conventions and other socially appropriate events (a future 'Man Night' but not if its in October)(.  But for now I need to take a break.




The girl, is not one of my twitter followers.  That leaves you two billion guesses.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A tale of woe from Detroit, once again we see how Government isn’t the answer, but of course we have to let them do the job, so they wreck the landscape.

“Previous public-sector efforts have failed because of “this continual belief by government that they know how to do every little thing [better] than people who specialize in it,” Pulte says. “They think they can do things better, and they can’t. The blight in Detroit is a [symptom] of the government’s not being able to perform in any way, shape, or form. [Fortunately], that’s not the way that Mayor Bing views this problem.””


So basically I keep hearing if only Obama knew, that these travesties were happening, clearly he would stop it?  In the following piece Victor Davis Hansen suggests that not only does the President know, hes the instigator.  I mean it makes sense, people will take their cues from the boss.

Time to reap what you have sown.  As I said right after Obamas reelection.  Congratulations.  I hope you get whats coming to you.  Good and hard.

Ask a college student a simple question about his cellphone and his notepad.  Where did that plastic come from?  Could it possibly be made of plastic? 

Are they going to divest themselves of their computers.  Don’t think so?

A good summary on the state of the Turkish Union.  I also think Kerry will want to be a bit more of a ballsy Sec of State, than Hillary.  He doesn’t have any more presidential ambitions, so he can rock the boat and do something.

And another horror story from New York.  The truth about the ‘Rubber Rooms’, is it a wonder more and more people are pulling their kids out of this nightmare?

Newt Gingrich gives me new hope for the future.  If only he had won the primary, he was a flawed candidate and he did himself in, but he also had a great deal of potential.

“The White House has been badly served throughout the Obama administration by making assumptions about what Republicans want, rather than actually talking to Republicans and conservatives, and finding out what moves them,” the House leadership aide says. “I don’t know if it’s because they watch too much MSNBC, or what, but they have a habit of telling us what they think we want, and have made some bad assumptions about the principles of conservatism.”


And last but not least.  Apprently PM Harper is now the Leader of the Free World!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

So I didn’t get a chance to add to my blog yesterday.  Oh well, you just will get even more!

Waste in the US Government.  I know!  Right how could that possibly be true?

Or even better yet, lets cut wasteful spending?  Or at least take the 45 billion lying around money and put it to work.  Yeah I wish I had 45 billion in loose change don’t you?

And then people wonder why parents home school?

Woah!!! “In fact, dissemination of the lessons was considered a crime until earlier this month. Only after parents and teachers across the state blew the whistle on radical CSCOPE lesson plans (including designing a new flag for a socialist lesson) did the state take steps to rein in the CSCOPE zealots.”

And a mixed bag Today,

Stuff about World War 2 you didn’t know, and most likely never wanted to ask about!

The complete Nafziger Collection with over 6000 files is freely available
from CARL:

Also, the russian official Order of Battle is online (if you can read
russian), and its partly being translated by the people at RKKA:

And  a post sent to me somewhere else covers scholarship on the Chinese Japanese war,

“When I started to get back into Chinese history some years ago I was lucky enough to find a copy of Frank Dorn's The Sino-Japanese War, 1937-41: From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor, which is also on Mark's list; Dorn was an officer on Stilwell's staff in China and presents a quite critical picture of the Nationalist army and an overview history of same period covered by WoR, including some maps and OB listings in the back. Dorn is strictly on the military history side, of course, and only helps us understand the Chinese Revolution by what he has to say about the GMD side of the picture. It's now very pricey (three digits) on the second hand market but if you can find it in a library I think you'd find it an interesting read.
Another older book that covers the Communist side of the military history is William Whitson's The Chinese High Command: A History of Communist Military Politics, 1927-71, which provides a lot of background on the evolution of the CCP armed forces from the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army of 1927, through the Eighth Route Army and New Fourth Army of the WoR years, into the PLA. While written as an organizational history rather than a conventional campaign history it actually contains a great deal of campaign history material, including maps, especially interesting in relation to the Jiangxi Soviet, although you need to read the sections on the different Field Armies in conjunction with each other to get the chronological perspective. It also outlines the lineages of the PLA corps, which I found to be very helpful when reading about the 1946-49 Civil War and when researching OB material for games on the Korean War.
And as for the more recent historical material . . . well, it's been getting richer all the time as Western and Chinese scholars dig into the Chinese archives at various levels, and while very little of the new Chinese material gets directly translated into English the work of Western scholars in incorporating it into their scholarship has been phenomenal. Right now I am reading Stephen Averill's Revolution in the Highlands, a detailed history of the Jinggangshan region where Mao Zedong and Zhu De established one of the first rural base areas in 1927. It's a truly wonderful piece of work, based on an in-depth knowledge of the local source materials, that gives a picture of the society of the area and the history of the revolution there before Mao and Zhu arrived, as well as an account of how all that played out. There are also a number of really good books on the WoR era base areas, but for now I will limit myself to mentioning Gregor Benton's two volumes on those who stayed in Jiangxi after the departure of the Long March and eventually became the New Fourth Army: Mountain Fires: The Red Army's Three-Year War in South China, 1934-1938 and New Fourth Army: Communist Resistance Along the Yangtse and the Huai, 1938-1941; quite expensive to buy, these are incredibly detailed studies, well worth reading (hopefully you can get them from a university library). I would point out that stories about the destruction of the New Fourth Army in January 1941 were, as Mark Twain said of his reported death, "greatly exaggerated"; under the leadership of Chen Yi, the NFA was the nucleus of the East China Field Army of Civil War fame, which, renamed the Second Field Army in 1949, provided the three corps (20th, 26th and 27th) that fought the US 1st Marine Division in the Changjin (Chosin) Campaign. I should probably mention that in China most unit histories are written at the corps level (akin to division-level histories in the US); in the last 20 years there has been a huge outpouring of such publications covering the history of these formations in the WoR, the Civil War and Korea.
Anyway, over the next several days I will try to put together something more along the lines of a "list" and get it up.”

And Now Back To Politics

Obama has been selling access to himself.  For a cool half million a year, you get to sit on a special board that will meet and advise the President.

But Im told Citiziens United will destroy the world as we know it!

And even more reasons why we must pay attention to social media

Luckily people aren’t likely to go down the same road we went down with the Fascists, but this is just a down payment,

And you know your out of control when your own side starts complaining about your heavy handed tactics,

A good explanation of why Im a Conservative and not Libertarian,

And a good explanation of why Im a Conservative and not some money stealing progressive.  That’s my fucking money!  Get your greedy little hands off of it douchebag!!!

You want money?  Get a job you government hack! 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

OMG!  People are actually reading this stuff!  3 whole page views!

Someone has finally described the Obama Presidency in terms I can understand.

He and his team basically created a huge exploit system that we are just beginning to understand, and will in the future be copied by politicians and campaign managers for years to come.  The problem really was because Obama was black, we ignored the results of his first campaign.  We thought that all the events and such were tied up with the moment.  The first black nominee, the Bush years, the market crash, McCain was to nice.  The Republicans  really ignored what was happening, and basically got there ass kicked under Romney.  It certainly did not help that the Romney team ran one of the worst campaigns since Bob Dole. 

So anyways if you want to know why were going from one crisis to the next in the US, and it’s a perpetual campaign, its because Obama just doesn’t know anything other than that. 

More on why Citizens United sucked, and why I was right!

Childless in America

My problem with the choice to be childless is that women in my age group and abilities just don’t want to settle for anything less than perfection.

I want to have kids, I want to go out and find a wife.  But women aren’t interested in just choosing any old gamer, they want a specific Mr. Perfect, and Im not him.

Oh well…

A fascinating book, that I’d like to read one day.  However I haven’t the time.  The one startling response I found was this.

Recently Senator John McCain was on Meet the Press talking about his fight to discover the facts about Benghazi. In what was one of the most bizarre examples of role-reversal I've ever seen, McCain fired off several unanswered questions about the massacre to the Meet the Press moderator, award-winning and establishment journalist David Gregory.
Forty years after the fact, we had a complete mirror image of the Watergate hearings. In 2013, it was a U.S. government official who was hunting for facts, and a reporter who was trying to hide them. "Do you care, David?" Senator McCain plaintively asked. "Do you care?" Gregory, like Nixon before him, had no answer.”

The good news is called the Internet.  Its full of lone voices like myself plugging away and talking about all the things that you don’t normally here from the lamestream media.  Media is no longer concentrated in the hands of a few.  Any person can start there own radio station, or podcast or blog and start typing away and educating you about whats going on. 
Having lived through the fall of the Soviet Union and read about how life was like under the Iron Curtain, its just impossible to keep the truth from coming to life.  People can and will see with their own eyes how the system are living under is corrupt and most damning of all incompetent.  Look at the TSA, a reminder every time you travel of how stupid and incompetent government is. 
And just remember this bill was to important to read!
And now to Defense.  Any who has ever seen the movie ‘The Pentagon Wars’ should know to be leery of anything the Pentago tells you.  But just in case you didn’t, heres a nice quote.
Now, with the Defense Department sounding the alarm about sequestration, some budget hawks on Capitol Hill are doubtful. “It’s difficult to take these doomsday scenarios seriously when the Pentagon can’t even audit its own books,” says a spokesman for Coburn. “We would argue that the Defense Department has the authority to reprioritize funding toward vital needs and away from less vital spending. As Sen. Coburn has detailed, the department spends nearly $70 billion each year on ‘nondefense’ defense spending that has nothing to do with our national security.””
And hear at the end one of the most terrifying things I have read in recent memory,
And that they say is that!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Taxation the Peoples Business

Or as I like to say, Taxation: how do we get the best deal.

It always strikes me as ironic that those demanding the highest taxes, are usually the ones who most likely to be screwed by them.

John Maynard Keynes wrote that “25 percent taxation is about the limit of what is easily borne” and that “Aggressive taxation may defeat its own ends by diminishing the income to be taxed.” As you raise taxes you get less money.

The above article brings important quotes,

"You don’t have to be a Marxist political economist to observe that Obama is trying to impose a big tax increase on a lot of people who didn’t vote for him. At least those rich people got to vote, which is more than can be said for the colonists. But there’s something ugly about the whole thing."

I should also note this is how democracies are destroyed historically.  Not by rampaging invaders, but by the majority voting themselves more largesse from the treasury.  Its like eating all the food from the granary.  Eventually you run out of seed corn and then people start dying.

For all those interested in learning about whats happening between Japan and China, I suggest reading this,

A long interesting piece on Ted Cruz's fight with the Marxists

"But for a freshman Senator to draw the kind of fear that generates this type of assault from the New Yorker, he must be doing something right."

Yeah my thoughts too.

Remember when we told Citizens United was going to be Armeggedon.  That Super PAC's were going to simply buy elections?

I remember that as someone who has actually got people elected to office, that it was all garbage, but those seemingly in the know told me I was out to lunch.

Well here is a good talk about Romneys campaign, and how despite spending more money he still lost.

"Considering the horrendous amount of what was very rightly called campaign malpractice in that WaPo piece, there actually is a viable argument that Mitt Romney could take Stuart Stevens and Co. to court for fraud."

A great comment on the thing below,

"That Romney's campaign would prove to be a paper tiger should have been predictable from his performance in the primaries. Despite making "competence" and "electability" core foundations of his campaign, Romney's campaign also struggled mightily throughout the primaries despite being able to overwhelm his opponents in staff and advertising. He was able to win the nomination because he was the only candidate with the reputation and funding to assemble a large campaign organization before the primaries began."

Monday, 25 February 2013

My friend the Men In Black, had this to share,

Very important to know your Special Operations Forces, an example,

"You fart and others hear it, smell it, and the TMO representative
smells your butt
to make sure you really did it AND that you didn't eat the expensive
chili to cause it
-- that's OVERSIGHT."
So Im getting more politically oriented in writing materials.  For some reason I have latched onto the themes of education.  The more I have been learning the more it seems that higher education is going through a revolution that will change the world and that in 30 years how we think school and education works will be radically different.

Anyways my morning readings are leading me to the following links.

First is this post here,

Important quote that sums up much of the point "The idea that today's emerging adults are as a generation leading a new wave of renewed civic-mindedness and political involvement is sheer fiction. The fact that anyone ever believed that idea simply tells us how flimsy the empirical evidence that so many journalistic media stories are based upon is and how unaccountable to empirical reality high-profile journalism can be. (5)"

Well worthy of the 5 mins it should take you to read it.

And so whos to blame for screwing up our kids?  Why its us!


In other news apparently women cant be trusted with firearms.  To explain here is the Democrat Salazar in full context.  You decide!

Just to show you what kind of crazy stuff hits my in box on a daily basis, Jim Garrety of NRO sent me this.

"One of my nuttier ideas was taking a Twitter conversation between Cam Edwards and Kurt Schlicter envisioning a rightward sitcom answer to HBO's "Girls" entitled "Dudes" and trying to turn it into an actual script. 

At one point, I had a character in that script rant:
I'm a married middle-aged guy with a house in the suburbs who goes to work, pays his taxes and takes care of his kids. When the hell did I turn into the villain in society? Chris Brown still walks the streets! In the time it's taken me to finish this sentence, "Shawty Lo" has impregnated three more women and Kim Kardashian's been on four more magazine covers! I think one of ‘em's a fishing magazine!
Yet somehow Madison Avenue considers me to be their go-to stereotype as a doofus, I'm the butt of every joke, sneered at for unsophisticated tastes, dismissed as a relic of a fading past, accused of not paying my fair share in taxes and insufficiently globally conscious because I'm only taking care of what's directly in front of me instead of glaciers or the Gaza Strip. How am I the problem in the world today? What the hell did I ever do?"

 Heres another great line,

"Remember Hadiya Pendleton, the girl who sang at Obama's inauguration and who was fatally shot in Chicago? Her alleged slayer had multiple arrests, and yet he kept being released back out onto the street.
The reputed gang member accused of gunning down 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton last month was on the street even though he had been arrested three times in connection with break-ins and trespassing while on probation for a weapons conviction in recent months, the Tribune has learned.
In two of those arrests, including one just 2 1/2 months ago, Cook County probation officials failed to notify prosecutors or the judge that Michael Ward had been arrested on the new misdemeanor charges and allegedly violated his probation... .
Police also arrested Ward numerous times as a juvenile on charges ranging from robbery to battery to marijuana possession, court records show. At least two of those arrests resulted in convictions, and Ward spent time in 2011 on juvenile probation.
Apparently keeping him off the streets just wasn't enough of a priority for the government."

And there you go.  These idiots want to pass laws to take your guns away, but then wont put the criminals in jail.  And speaking as a Canadian, who has had his guns taken away, they dont stop there.  They then arrest for you trying to defend your house with a shotgun, even though people are on camera trying to firebomb your house!


Prosecutional discretion my ass Thierry Fournier

Closing quote, "The people of this country increasingly feel that the government and its laws are a rigged game, only enforced when convenient to those running the show. David Gregory, White House staffers, illegal immigrants — for some reason, their lawbreaking isn't worth the attention  or time of the government. Not even Michael Ward warranted more than a cursory punishment for crime after crime. But if we break any one of the ever-expanding encyclopedia of laws issued by Washington or our state capitals, we're likely to face expensive and consequential punishments."

When people have no respect for there officials, no respect for there laws.  When they can choose who they want to listen to and what they dont, you will have anarchy.  Anarchy cries out for order.  And I guarantee you that when that order comes, you illiberal idiots who created this chaos will not like the answer.