Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A tale of woe from Detroit, once again we see how Government isn’t the answer, but of course we have to let them do the job, so they wreck the landscape.

“Previous public-sector efforts have failed because of “this continual belief by government that they know how to do every little thing [better] than people who specialize in it,” Pulte says. “They think they can do things better, and they can’t. The blight in Detroit is a [symptom] of the government’s not being able to perform in any way, shape, or form. [Fortunately], that’s not the way that Mayor Bing views this problem.””


So basically I keep hearing if only Obama knew, that these travesties were happening, clearly he would stop it?  In the following piece Victor Davis Hansen suggests that not only does the President know, hes the instigator.  I mean it makes sense, people will take their cues from the boss.

Time to reap what you have sown.  As I said right after Obamas reelection.  Congratulations.  I hope you get whats coming to you.  Good and hard.

Ask a college student a simple question about his cellphone and his notepad.  Where did that plastic come from?  Could it possibly be made of plastic? 

Are they going to divest themselves of their computers.  Don’t think so?

A good summary on the state of the Turkish Union.  I also think Kerry will want to be a bit more of a ballsy Sec of State, than Hillary.  He doesn’t have any more presidential ambitions, so he can rock the boat and do something.

And another horror story from New York.  The truth about the ‘Rubber Rooms’, is it a wonder more and more people are pulling their kids out of this nightmare?

Newt Gingrich gives me new hope for the future.  If only he had won the primary, he was a flawed candidate and he did himself in, but he also had a great deal of potential.

“The White House has been badly served throughout the Obama administration by making assumptions about what Republicans want, rather than actually talking to Republicans and conservatives, and finding out what moves them,” the House leadership aide says. “I don’t know if it’s because they watch too much MSNBC, or what, but they have a habit of telling us what they think we want, and have made some bad assumptions about the principles of conservatism.”


And last but not least.  Apprently PM Harper is now the Leader of the Free World!

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