Wednesday, 27 February 2013

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Someone has finally described the Obama Presidency in terms I can understand.

He and his team basically created a huge exploit system that we are just beginning to understand, and will in the future be copied by politicians and campaign managers for years to come.  The problem really was because Obama was black, we ignored the results of his first campaign.  We thought that all the events and such were tied up with the moment.  The first black nominee, the Bush years, the market crash, McCain was to nice.  The Republicans  really ignored what was happening, and basically got there ass kicked under Romney.  It certainly did not help that the Romney team ran one of the worst campaigns since Bob Dole. 

So anyways if you want to know why were going from one crisis to the next in the US, and it’s a perpetual campaign, its because Obama just doesn’t know anything other than that. 

More on why Citizens United sucked, and why I was right!

Childless in America

My problem with the choice to be childless is that women in my age group and abilities just don’t want to settle for anything less than perfection.

I want to have kids, I want to go out and find a wife.  But women aren’t interested in just choosing any old gamer, they want a specific Mr. Perfect, and Im not him.

Oh well…

A fascinating book, that I’d like to read one day.  However I haven’t the time.  The one startling response I found was this.

Recently Senator John McCain was on Meet the Press talking about his fight to discover the facts about Benghazi. In what was one of the most bizarre examples of role-reversal I've ever seen, McCain fired off several unanswered questions about the massacre to the Meet the Press moderator, award-winning and establishment journalist David Gregory.
Forty years after the fact, we had a complete mirror image of the Watergate hearings. In 2013, it was a U.S. government official who was hunting for facts, and a reporter who was trying to hide them. "Do you care, David?" Senator McCain plaintively asked. "Do you care?" Gregory, like Nixon before him, had no answer.”

The good news is called the Internet.  Its full of lone voices like myself plugging away and talking about all the things that you don’t normally here from the lamestream media.  Media is no longer concentrated in the hands of a few.  Any person can start there own radio station, or podcast or blog and start typing away and educating you about whats going on. 
Having lived through the fall of the Soviet Union and read about how life was like under the Iron Curtain, its just impossible to keep the truth from coming to life.  People can and will see with their own eyes how the system are living under is corrupt and most damning of all incompetent.  Look at the TSA, a reminder every time you travel of how stupid and incompetent government is. 
And just remember this bill was to important to read!
And now to Defense.  Any who has ever seen the movie ‘The Pentagon Wars’ should know to be leery of anything the Pentago tells you.  But just in case you didn’t, heres a nice quote.
Now, with the Defense Department sounding the alarm about sequestration, some budget hawks on Capitol Hill are doubtful. “It’s difficult to take these doomsday scenarios seriously when the Pentagon can’t even audit its own books,” says a spokesman for Coburn. “We would argue that the Defense Department has the authority to reprioritize funding toward vital needs and away from less vital spending. As Sen. Coburn has detailed, the department spends nearly $70 billion each year on ‘nondefense’ defense spending that has nothing to do with our national security.””
And hear at the end one of the most terrifying things I have read in recent memory,
And that they say is that!

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