Monday, 25 February 2013

So Im getting more politically oriented in writing materials.  For some reason I have latched onto the themes of education.  The more I have been learning the more it seems that higher education is going through a revolution that will change the world and that in 30 years how we think school and education works will be radically different.

Anyways my morning readings are leading me to the following links.

First is this post here,

Important quote that sums up much of the point "The idea that today's emerging adults are as a generation leading a new wave of renewed civic-mindedness and political involvement is sheer fiction. The fact that anyone ever believed that idea simply tells us how flimsy the empirical evidence that so many journalistic media stories are based upon is and how unaccountable to empirical reality high-profile journalism can be. (5)"

Well worthy of the 5 mins it should take you to read it.

And so whos to blame for screwing up our kids?  Why its us!


In other news apparently women cant be trusted with firearms.  To explain here is the Democrat Salazar in full context.  You decide!

Just to show you what kind of crazy stuff hits my in box on a daily basis, Jim Garrety of NRO sent me this.

"One of my nuttier ideas was taking a Twitter conversation between Cam Edwards and Kurt Schlicter envisioning a rightward sitcom answer to HBO's "Girls" entitled "Dudes" and trying to turn it into an actual script. 

At one point, I had a character in that script rant:
I'm a married middle-aged guy with a house in the suburbs who goes to work, pays his taxes and takes care of his kids. When the hell did I turn into the villain in society? Chris Brown still walks the streets! In the time it's taken me to finish this sentence, "Shawty Lo" has impregnated three more women and Kim Kardashian's been on four more magazine covers! I think one of ‘em's a fishing magazine!
Yet somehow Madison Avenue considers me to be their go-to stereotype as a doofus, I'm the butt of every joke, sneered at for unsophisticated tastes, dismissed as a relic of a fading past, accused of not paying my fair share in taxes and insufficiently globally conscious because I'm only taking care of what's directly in front of me instead of glaciers or the Gaza Strip. How am I the problem in the world today? What the hell did I ever do?"

 Heres another great line,

"Remember Hadiya Pendleton, the girl who sang at Obama's inauguration and who was fatally shot in Chicago? Her alleged slayer had multiple arrests, and yet he kept being released back out onto the street.
The reputed gang member accused of gunning down 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton last month was on the street even though he had been arrested three times in connection with break-ins and trespassing while on probation for a weapons conviction in recent months, the Tribune has learned.
In two of those arrests, including one just 2 1/2 months ago, Cook County probation officials failed to notify prosecutors or the judge that Michael Ward had been arrested on the new misdemeanor charges and allegedly violated his probation... .
Police also arrested Ward numerous times as a juvenile on charges ranging from robbery to battery to marijuana possession, court records show. At least two of those arrests resulted in convictions, and Ward spent time in 2011 on juvenile probation.
Apparently keeping him off the streets just wasn't enough of a priority for the government."

And there you go.  These idiots want to pass laws to take your guns away, but then wont put the criminals in jail.  And speaking as a Canadian, who has had his guns taken away, they dont stop there.  They then arrest for you trying to defend your house with a shotgun, even though people are on camera trying to firebomb your house!


Prosecutional discretion my ass Thierry Fournier

Closing quote, "The people of this country increasingly feel that the government and its laws are a rigged game, only enforced when convenient to those running the show. David Gregory, White House staffers, illegal immigrants — for some reason, their lawbreaking isn't worth the attention  or time of the government. Not even Michael Ward warranted more than a cursory punishment for crime after crime. But if we break any one of the ever-expanding encyclopedia of laws issued by Washington or our state capitals, we're likely to face expensive and consequential punishments."

When people have no respect for there officials, no respect for there laws.  When they can choose who they want to listen to and what they dont, you will have anarchy.  Anarchy cries out for order.  And I guarantee you that when that order comes, you illiberal idiots who created this chaos will not like the answer.  

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